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on the twenty-fourth day of christmas…

24 Dec

i feel really bad. i do. but things just happen. they just creep up and before you know it, nearly a week has passed without a blog entry. or a christmas song. well, i think tonight will be the last of my christmas series. the series i started with such high hopes and holiday cheer. the cheer hasn’t dried up completely, but there’s only about enough left for one last post.

what have i been doing these last few days? i can’t even remember. i know there was a party (with a LOT of jello shots) last saturday night. let me clarify. there were a lot of jello shots at the party (150 were made for a crowd of 12), but i only had 3. or 4. jolly good stuff.

i also worked on a few more felted sweater projects. an ipod cozy for my cute teen niece, who always admires mine.

skull embroidery

embroidered with a lovely skull from sublime stitching.

ipod cozy I

i attached the embroidered piece to a felted sweater cozy and voila! something functional and slightly snarky.

ipod cozy II

i added a little pocket in the back for earbuds. i hope she likes it. we’ll see tomorrow.

i hope everybody has a wonderful, peaceful, and fun holiday with those you care about the most. i know i will. so, for my last song – my favorite christmas song ever. i love the sweetness and sadness of this song. it became especially poignant for me after the death of my grandparents several years ago. i just love it.

happy christmas!

have yourself a merry little christmas by coldplay.


on the eighteenth day of christmas…

19 Dec

it was another deliciously foggy and gray day today and it’s making me feel very british. to boost that brit feeling, i’m drinking some piping hot lady grey tea compliments of my new electric kettle, which i absolutely adore. i got it from my dear friend as part of a very british christmas gift.

i also got a stash of yummy tea, chocolate hob nobs, and a yorkie. i’ll enjoy these this weekend as i curl up with one of my all-time favorite books. i’m reading circle of friends by maeve binchy for, like, the tenth time and it will always be good. i don’t think i’ve ever identified with any character in literature more than i identify with benny hogan.

maybe i’m feeling nostalgic for great britain because… i’m going again. in march. for my birthday. i took the plunge and bought my plane ticket a few days ago. i’ll be there for a week and plan to travel to paris on my actual birthday day. i’m going alone, which i really think will be one of the best things i can do for myself right now. in my assertiveness class, one of the suggestions for leading a more assertive life is to take a vacation alone. they suggested a few days and somewhere semi-local. london may not be semi-local, but it feels safe and comfortable to me, which is all that matters. i have already been daydreaming about what to do all day by myself. people-watching in trafalgar square, craft shopping in north london, hours wandering around the museums, strolling along the thames, taking hundreds (thousands?) of pictures. this will be the trip where i can finally document my love for the tube. to explain that love requires a separate post.

to round off this british post, here’s a groovy little song by a great scottish band. and yes, i know that scottish and british are not the same.


o little town of bethlehem by belle and sebastian. the best part of this song, for me, is the opening dialogue. the things a scottish accent does to me…

p.s. i know for a fact that i won’t be able to post again until sunday. just an fyi, for my own peace of mind really. it’s funny how you get attached to your blog…

on the sixteenth & seventeenth day of christmas…

18 Dec

i’ve been remiss. i apologize. stuff just creeps up. like watching the third series of agatha christie’s marple. seriously, i have been a bit pressed for time the last few days and i worked 12 hours yesterday. my friend said that she felt bad that i had to be at work for 12 hours, but doubted the actual working bit. i would be offended, but it’s kinda true.

i am officially done with christmas shopping. i am not done with gift preparation, but i am done with the stores. i went to anthropologie this morning to finish out my list and oh, how i love that store. i want to live in their window displays, dress up in their clothes (like this awesome girl), and sync my ipod to their music rotation. the first time i heard this song was whilst shopping there last christmas.

carol of the bells by the bird and the bee.

now to get a bit traditional. i love going to church on christmas eve. i love all the old, traditional church-y christmas songs and singing silent night by candlelight. i particularly love o holy night. here is a beautiful take on my traditional favorite. this is a great, great, great christmas album. get it.

o holy night by sufjan stevens.

on the fifteenth day of christmas…

16 Dec

it finally got cold. really freaking cold. yay! i’m sitting at my computer with a blanket on my lap and fuzzy orange slippers on my feet. it is cloudy, icy, cold, and wet. perfect weather. and to think that it was almost 80 degrees yesterday.

kitchen table

i had my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces over for dinner yesterday. i have a tiny one bedroom apartment with a tiny little table. we all managed to sit around it, though, for a nice dinner. later we put on a charlie brown christmas and looked at the ornaments on my tree. it’s nice to have family over, especially around christmas. and especially when they make you laugh.

my one niece, d, was looking at the pictures on my wall. i have some mustached babies and an octopus couple and she was describing them in the cutest way. “you have some babies with a mustache on them? (incredulous) and a boy and a girl in an octopus costume?” and then the kicker: “and a guy with a big head?” (my beloved ricky gervais print) to which my b-i-l replied, “yeah, probably.”

my other niece, m (future recipient of the owl pillow, which i am now sure she will like), is quite the texture lover. give her a soft fabric and she’s in heaven. i was showing my sister my felted sweaters and my niece, after climbing over the container several times, decided to just climb in, snuggle down, and chill out.

sweater monster

speaking of texture, here’s a quick decorating tip. wrap up styrofoam balls with leftover bits of different shades and textures of white yarn. instant snowballs.

yarn snowballs

in honor of christmas and families, today’s song is…

that spirit of christmas by ray charles.

and because every family is a little f’ed up, here it is in the best christmas movie ever.

on the fourteenth day of christmas…

14 Dec

a brief recap of last night, you ask? okay.

it started with an early dinner at the always-good cantina laredo. i am a creature of habit and i always order cheese enchiladas at mexican food restaurants and cl has the best i’ve ever had. they’re cheesy. they’re onion-y. they’re perfection. i also had a nice buzz from a huge margarita, so i really thought everything was good. onward to dallas.

granada theater

the doors opened at 8, which is exactly when we got there… only to join a line that took 30 minutes to get through. it was fun though, actually. they passed out goodie bags filled with stickers, cups, programs, candy canes, ribbons, and ear plugs. and we got several visits from frosty, rudolph, a totally trippy ventriloquist & his freaky puppet.

freaky frosty

the first act was a youth orchestra headed by buffi jacobs, who is a member of the polyphonic spree. they were awesome. they opened with an instrumental version of radiohead’s just. so cool.

next up were the syncopated ladies, a tap dance troupe of ladies-of-the-later-life. that means they were old. but very cute.

the chameleon chamber group was quite interesting. a bit… surreal.

um, gustafer yellowgold. i think the less said, the better.

finally, the spree. yay for the polyphonic spree and christmas time! they did a christmas set and a rock set. both were totally festive and high-energy. i did my first ever youtube uploads, so here they are. sorry for the blurred bits – i’m not a cinematographer, ya know. oh, and sorry for the overlay of my horrible singing voice. i know you didn’t pay to hear me sing. but you didn’t pay, did you? so i’m not sorry.

on the thirteenth day of christmas…

13 Dec

two things are making me very happy right now.

number one. somebody used the search terms “sarcastic homemade christmas card” and found this blog. it’s working! spread the holiday snark… er, um, cheer! when i saw those search terms, i remembered this from last year…

Snarky Skull

number two. i am going to the polyphonic spree christmas extravaganza in a few hours. i am so totally excited about this show, all 5 1/2 hours of it. yes, it will be quite a long stand, but so worth it. so, because of that…

do you hear what i hear by the polyphonic spree.

on the twelfth day of christmas…

13 Dec

a bit of a letdown, this one, i’m afraid. no twelve drummers drumming. actually, that’s my christmas card this year.

i find him particularly funny, but some people who have gotten their cards already don’t quite get it. i have to explain why it’s whimsical. they’re off the list for next year.

and your boy can drum by the recital.

have a rockin twelfth night.