it’s oh so quiet

16 Nov

yes, well. hmmm. it has been quiet around here. sorry about that. but! i have been keeping notes on what to blog next. so, let me tell you…

pumpkin. i have a relationship with this member of the cucurbitaceae family. it’s deep and it’s real, however much my b-i-l might chide me. last monday was the perfect night for some yummy pumpkin food stuff. it was cold and rainy and i couldn’t wait to get home to make pumpkin tortilla soup.

pumpkin tortilla soup

of course, i didn’t have the recipe with me at the store, so i had to make a few adjustments. first, i forgot cilantro, which is actually okay because i really don’t care for it. second, i forgot the diced tomatoes. thankfully, i had some rotel on hand, so in it went. third, i added a can of black beans for some extra protein. finally, i used fajita-size corn tortillas, which are a bit bigger than traditional corn tortillas, so i should have only used four tortillas cut up instead of six. the original consistency was perfect. after sitting in the fridge a day or two, not so much. my soup became stoup (soup + stew = stoup – oh, that rachael ray).

thanksgiving. what are you making for thanksgiving this year? for the past two years, i’ve made sausage and cornbread stuffing from martha stewart’s everyday food. so good. i’m usually in charge of mashed potatoes, as well. i’d like to try something interesting in that area, but i don’t think my family is quite up to mashed parsnips. i think i’m also going to make smitten kitchen’s jewish apple cake. i must remember to pop in martha’s thanksgiving dvd soon.

knitting. the hats are done. finally.


no stems or cherries hanging from the top, i’m sorry to say. i couldn’t figure it out (at a very late hour), so i gave up. i think it still looks cute, though.


this brown & green beanie is for my friend’s baby, who is due in late january/early february. i also made him some burp cloths and a cozy blankie out of a rad rock & roll flannel.



felted sweaters. i finally began to attack that insane pile-o-sweaters on my living room floor. the pottery barn pillow knock-off is almost complete. i don’t want to give it all away, but here are a few snippets.



i must be feeling very felty because i am totally gung-ho on making these stockings from betz white’s book, warm fuzzies. i made all the pattern copies last night, so i think i might be cutting them tonight. i’ll let you know.


well, i think that’s it. there’s a few more notes on my blogging list (i really do keep one), but they are trivial at this point. maybe later today? maybe.


One Response to “it’s oh so quiet”

  1. Sara November 17, 2008 at 12:29 pm #

    Gah, that soup sounds so good. I’m making a spiced pumpkin mousse trifle with crushed gingersnaps for Thanksgiving dessert! To go along with the usual pumpkin and pecan pies, of course… and yes, you can find that recipe in this month’s issue of RR mag. I’m hopeless, what can I say?

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