do you like food?

3 Nov

i have in my possession the coolest cookbook ever. a collaboration of good music and good food.

i’m sad that this book has been in my library for almost five months and i just noticed it. what’s even sadder is that i probaby cataloged it all those months ago. how could i have overlooked the dual subject headings of cookery and rock groups? (okay, if you actually clicked on those links and understood the subtle combination of numbers and letters that is marc, you are either a librarian or my soul mate)

back to the book. here is a short list of all the super-cool bands featured:

with just a cursory glance, i came across two recipes for fish tacos that i think i will make later this week – one from rj krohn (rjd2) featuring talipa & avocados and one from ben sterling (mobius band) calling for flounder, scallions, red pepper & pineapple. god, i hate to do it. i hate to even think that i am going to do it, but… yum-o.

just for that, i have to post something funny, foodie and totally posh. goes good with gavin dunbar’s (camera obscura) vegerarian paella. enjoy and check your local library for good food finds.


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