a very megan day

22 Oct

okay, get ready. this one’s a doozie.

i took a vacation day from work today and it was a very megan day. do you have things that are just you? apparently, i do. my friends see quirky things and say, “that’s so megan.” the first time my friend saw my apartment, she said, “this is very megan.” i love it. i love that my friends and family know me so well that they can see my personality in my surroundings. anyway, today was a very me day. so what is megan, in the adjective sense? let’s see…

i woke up and snuggled under my flannel sheets for a little bit before deciding to go for a bike ride. yes, i have been riding my bike every day. surprised? i am, but it’s really fun and a great way to forget about the jumble that always seems to be running through my head. i was planning to go to a nearby park complex with a bike trail, but the impending rain changed my mind. i settled for riding around a residential neighborhood with a HOA bike trail, which was really just a wide sidewalk. you take what you can get.

i came home, showered, and left for a day of crafty shopping. i hit up paper-source for some cardstock, envelope templates, and sample papers because… i finally did it. no more talk. i have an etsy shop. it is empty, but i’m working on it. seriously this time. i designed my first snarky sampler the other day and am ready to gocco it this weekend. i got the sample paper stack to match ink colors with envelope colors. i don’t think i want them to be matchy-matchy, but i don’t want just plain white envelopes. i have a few ideas. you’ll have to wait.

by the time i left the mall, it was cloudy and just beginning to rain. the temperature had dropped significantly and it finally felt like fall. that, in-and-of-itself, is very me, indeed. i put on dcfc and all was right with the world. isn’t it funny how some music is best in certain seasons? for me, dcfc is just autumn and winter. especially transatlanticism and plans.

i am about to give away a secret, but i think it must be told. if you are at all interested in felting sweaters, you have to visit this goodwill store. i spent almost two hours in there today and could have stayed longer. the number of sweater racks in this place is crazy. i went nuts and bought nine wool sweaters. but i had to! i rarely see the great stripe sweaters that i saw today. remember a few years ago when the gap went stripe crazy and had really cool color combinations? all those sweaters are now finding their way to thrift stores and i want them. for what? well, some of it’s a secret (christmas, you know) and i also convinced my sister not to buy this owl pillow from pottery barn kids for my niece’s room. it would look so much cuter handmade and constructed from felted sweaters, don’t you think?

after all that wool foolishness, my head was pounding (allergies be damned in the name of craftiness!) and i was ready to head home. but then i remembered! early voting. so, i did my democratic duty and cast my ballot for change (wink, wink). november 4th seems so far away…

next, i went to my mom’s house and sewed up a waitress apron for a friend and then stayed for dinner with the ‘rents. tomato soup and grilled cheese. perfect for autumnal days.

i came home and made a cute composition notebook combo for journaling, which is a suggested activity in my assertiveness class. i decided to start a new journal because last night i came across about eight years worth of old journals. i sat down and read them and started crying on the first entry. all i can say is too much history. time for a new start. that’s what today really felt like. a new start. the new adventures of old megan. i really feel like i’m beginning to be me again…

and if there’s anything very megan, it’s my love of christmas. i bought tickets tonight for the polyphonic spree christmas show at the granada.

so, that’s a megan day. how was yours?


One Response to “a very megan day”

  1. Sara October 23, 2008 at 1:17 pm #

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! That’s awesome! I am so excited for you. You really are starting to seem like an even BETTER version of your old self again (and I liked the old you an awful lot). Everything happens for a reason, you live and learn, bladeebla, etc. etc. etc. I hope you can finally see the good that came from something that, at the time, just seemed so BAD.

    I think the above may come off as a bit of a back-handed compliment, but I assure you, it’s not. I’ve never really witnessed anyone growing in the way that you have over the last several weeks- you’re coming out of your shell.

    I smell a Christmas cookie bake-a-thon in the very near future!

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