a present for me

19 Oct

a pretty new bike just for me! i have been putting off this purchase for a few months, but no longer. after a few hours of online research, i got a trek from richardson bike mart. i’ve already taken her for a spin around the old apartment complex (thank god i live on the first floor) and i’m about to ride it over to my parents’ house.

i always forget how much fun it is to ride a bike. it’s just like being a kid again. remember the friends episode where rachel is horrified by phoebe’s running? i am probably the bike-riding equivalent of phoebe’s crazy running. i was actually a little intimidated at first by the apartment urchins riding their scooters. what if i fell or wobbled in front of them? i got over it, obviously, but i was seriously concerned. so much so that i saw them in front of my complex, acted like i forgot something in my apartment, and waited for them to move on before going out again. see why i need my little class? yeah.

i’ll be back later tonight with a pirates update and (hopefully) a completed baby hat.


One Response to “a present for me”

  1. Sara October 20, 2008 at 8:10 am #

    I LOVE it! I want one, too! ‘Course, mine would be decked out in baby totes and carriers and such, but I wanna go out and RIDE!

    Actually? Drew AND Bonnie both have bikes here. If you ever wanted to go out and ride one evening, I bet they’d let me borrow one of those.

    Now you just need a little basket on the front, something big enough for a new pup! YEAH!

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