pirate primer

19 Oct

the days of piracy are over. at least, the raping, murdering, plundering piracy that my town strangely wanted to celebrate in the form of a family festival down by the lake. honestly, it was not half-bad. there was a pretty good turnout when i worked there today and there were tons of cute dogs. now i know how my baby-fevered friend feels when she sees a little tot. she wants one. i want one. a dog, that is. a baby, not so much.

the treasure hunt at work went really well. i got a lot of compliments and everybody who did it said it was just hard enough and really humorous. when one co-worker came back for her treasure (a 1000 grand bar, a ring pop, a hannah montana candy bracelet, fake gold coins, etc.), she said it must have been a lot of work for us. i said i loved doing stuff like that and that i always wanted to be a party planner. this was her reply: ‘you should be a mom.’ um, how should i have taken that? she reassured me it was supposed to be a compliment, but i’m not so sure. see above paragraph.


so, no finished hat tonight. i rode my bike instead… and totally plowed into an evergreen tree. it hurt, but at least it smelled nice. and it served as a reminder that christmas is just around the corner. i think it is time to integrate my christmas music back into my itunes. why lie? i already did it a few weeks ago. i’m totally gonna make a list of great modern & alternative christmas albums and share them with you.


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