eatin’, assertin’, thriftin’

16 Oct

huzzah for fall and autumnal recipes! i had one of my best girls over last night to cook and chat. without realizing it, we’ve started a little get-together tradition – yummy paninis of the meat-plus-fruit variety. such a great combination. it started (for me, anyway) last year on my trip to london. my friend and i hit selfridges on oxford street several times. could it be for the to-die-for banana cupcakes in the foodhall? um, yes, that could have something to do with it.

there was also this little restaurant called eat. and eat we did. so seriously delicious. they had a sandwich consisting of smoked turkey, brie, cranberry compote, rocket (arugula for us yanks), and mayonaise on a fresh french baguette. drool. and the banoffee pie! but that deserves a post of its own one day soon.

back to the sandwich in question. we made turkey, havarti (no brie for those who are preggers), and fig preserve paninis on rosemary foccacia bread. oh, it was the best yet. it toasted perfectly (which never seems to happen for me) and tasted divine. this picture, though, does not do justice. must work on food photography.

we also had some yummy desserts to follow, including smitten kitchen’s jewish apple cake. we each had a slice and i took the rest to work today. there was nothing left of the cake by 5:00 pm. a good sign, i think. this might be making an appearance at thanksgiving this year.

okay, one more food shout-out. pumpkin spice cake. no picture, no need. trust me. this is good. and easy.

1 box spice cake mix; 1 14 oz. can pumpkin puree; 1/2 cup water. mix. bake at 350 for 25 minutes. done. it tastes really good with whipped topping, by the way. i’m just sayin’.


right. assertiveness. my class started yesterday and i completed the first lesson. it turns out i’m passive. what a surprise. seriously, though, it was nice to finally own it. i read my little passages and something just clicked. “this is me. this is totally me.” i avoid confrontation, i’m a chronic pleaser, i’m afraid to voice my own opinions, etc. but not with everybody. just certain somebodies and in certain situations. i guess that’s good. i’m not a complete pushover.

the first lesson was really just about identifying behaviors and recognizing the accompanying words and body language associated with each type. you are either passive, aggressive, or assertive. i did read, acutally, that passive people are more open to recognizing their deficiencies and willing to make changes, as opposed to aggressive people, who are generally happy being dominant. so there’s hope, then.


my mom called me at work the other day to tell me to get to the local thrift store, stat!, for there was a furReal friends parrot. perfect for pirate days. um, holy crap. i literally just saw how much this annoying squawker sells for on amazon – $90! i am happy to say that i only paid $6. but this is not my thrifting story (it might actually beat it, though).

this lovely scarf. 100% cashmere! from scotland! um, swoon. it was on a rack by the register hidden among various tacky silk scarves, sequined belts, and stained hankerchiefs. all of this soft goodness for $2. when i went to scotland a few years ago, we went hawick, a mill town, in the scottish borders. i bought a cashmere scarf for the equivalent of almost forty american dollars, so this was a total steal. i also looked for more wool sweaters, but had no luck. i’m really set on making felted presents for all the kids on my christmas list, so i’m going to do some more thrifting this weekend. i’ll let you know.


One Response to “eatin’, assertin’, thriftin’”

  1. Sara October 17, 2008 at 8:12 am #

    Horray for food porn! I excitedly had another SAMMY the next day for an early lunch. DIVINE. We’ll have to do it again real soon, my sweet!

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