rockabye baby

13 Oct

i am really kind of liking the rockabye baby series. we have a few in our library that i picked out and today we finally got the radiohead cd. what? there are a few perks to being a librarian. the only cd in this series that i have a slight problem with is the nine inch nails volume. i have no problem with nin, honestly. i quite like them. but i really kind of think that it is slightly inappropriate to have a lullaby rendition of closer for the kiddos. am i alone on this one? i mean, seriously. seriously? anyway, i think these cds are awesome gifts for new parents, along with jason falkner’s bedtime with the beatles cds.

speaking of baby gifts, i have three friends who are expecting little ones soon. they will all be getting knitted hats from gigi (my kidville name). i cast on yesterday to knit susan b. anderson’s cherry-o! hat, but i think i need to start again with the next size up. not to be vulgar, but the size of the hat that i started looks about the size of the gateway to the world. surely it would be going against nature to try to fit a head back into a hole that size. talk about popping a cherry… okay, i did mean to be cheeky there.


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