avast me hearties

10 Oct

so today was totally stressful. so. very. stressful. some days are just like that. everything is normal, just peachy, actually, and then… from the second you wake up until the time you start typing a blog post at 10:40 in the evening, things just pile up emotionally until you want to cry all over your lovely pirate ship. yes, a pirate ship. we’re celebrating pirate days at work and for my department’s contribution, we made a pirate ship, complete with a crow’s nest and homemade felt jolly roger.

Pirate Ship

i love getting to do crafty things at work. i’m going to get real pictures with an actual camera, as opposed to a cell phone, on monday. i’m pretty excited about next week, though. i made a treasure hunt with books for my co-workers and i have some pretty tacky treasure for the winners. all the clues are totally cheesy and incorporate as much pirate-speak as possible. i’m a dork like that.

actually, if you’re so inclined, you can try out the clues for yourself. if you know how to search an OPAC (online public access catalog for the non-librarians out there), you can give it a whirl. here’s the catalog and here are the treasure hunt clues. hint: under ‘search,’ choose ‘power search’ and use the keyword option. you should be able to find all the answers that way. each clue incorporates several keywords. let me know what you think.


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