14 Feb

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(yes, blogger. i thought i’d never go back, but what do i know?)


everyday art

21 Jan

i have a camera with me at all times (mostly my iPhone) and i tend to snap pictures of everyday things that make me happy. this is what i saw on a walk with my dog yesterday.

you wouldn’t expect to find beauty in an oil drip, but that’s what i love about the unexpected.

birdie clothes

14 Jan

one of my favorite lifestyle and vintage blogs is bleubird vintage. james kicinski (or miss james as she is known) has impeccible taste in clothes and housewares and my giddy level always rises a notch when i see a new post from her in my reader.

so, imagine my delight (and audible squee), when, a month or so ago, she bought a sweet dress from my shop for her baby bird, gemma. i love this dress – the color, the mother of pearl diamond buttons, the style… so adorable! it was one of my roadtrip estate sale finds, so i have a particularly strong fondness for it for some odd reason.

yesterday, james posted a peek into baby gemma’s nursery and it is to die for. i totally heart that space. and i totally heart that the sweet green dress is hanging above the crib. such a great way to display vintage dresses!

(photo by james kicinski)

please check out the bluebird vintage blog – i promise you’ll be awed and inspired!

what are your favorite vintage blogs?

knee-hugging love

8 Dec

my first official vintage knee-hugging elf! this, of course, deserves a post of its own.


*thrift store rant – why, oh why, do thrift stores place their packaging tape across the best bits of vintage goods? i got a vintage christmas record with great songs and an awesome cover, but there is packing tape all across the front and i know that when i get the courage to take it off, there will be massive paper-tearing. boo!*

you’re always chasing after deer, oh my dear…

5 Dec

i’ve been listening to midlake lately. a lot, actually. i just think there’s something very magical about the trials of van occupanther around this time of the year. for me, it’s an essential album during the fall and winter months, one that makes me want to set off on an adventure or set up camp in the woods. it’s like comfort food for my ears. every single song is just really lovely and warm and enveloping.

i especially love the song ‘chasing after deer.’ it’s so pretty and terribly sad all at once. it made me want to take photos of my small (but growing) vintage ceramic deer collection.

i’ve been keeping an eye out for fawns for months and i’ve finally amassed a little family of woodland creatures. i’d love to find a pair of brass deer statues at a thrift store or an estate sale.

my aunt was in town over thanksgiving and we spent the better part of two days visiting every thrift store in the area. she spotted this pretty deer and bought it for me and i love it.

i’ve been checking in at my local thrift more than normal in hopes of scoring vintage christmas wares. i bought a bag of mismatched ornaments and bits and bobs for an elf head and much to my delight, i also found this little guy. he’s not ceramic, but he’s flocked, which is perhaps even better. perfect for my little collection.

an (almost) orange colored day

14 Nov

i took the puppy on a walk today.

the leaves are starting to change.

and the temperature is ever-so-slightly chilly.

everything around you bursting with color.

something to smile at every few feet.

i do love this time of year.


9 Nov

i got a dog this morning. and her name is lola. lola muggins, to be exact. lola because it’s sweet and muggins because my grandpa called me muggins and this dog has got a mug. a mugly pugly.

and i’m already infantilizing. nice.

i’m slightly nervous about this parenting gig. what if she thinks i’m a total bore? this is a distinct possibility, let me tell you. she’s already snoozing and it’s only 10 o’clock. we took a few walks, we’ve played with her cow (she loves), and she’s had her dinner. what else do you do? i’d be satisfied with that for one night, but, like i say, i might be a bore.

and because you’re probably humming it already… here.